Maleke O’Ney Sings Tales Of Church Girl Gone Wild “Confessions of a Pentecostal Girl”

by Raheem Karim
Maleke O'ney

Maleke O'ney

Maleke O’Ney Gets Truthful Of A Church Girl Gone Wild

Maleke O’Ney maybe my new favorite artist. We have heard the age old tale of how holy rollers or preachers’ kids gone wild outside of church. They make you take a second look it and say is that the same person I know on Sunday mornings? Who said church goers can’t let loose and have some fun.


Atlanta soul artist Maleke O’Ney opens up and keeps it 100 on her debut album Confessions of a Pentecostal Girl. The album is a is a culmination of Funk, Blues, Gospel, Rock, Soul and Jazz. Meleke’s lyrics tells the story of her dealing with everyday strife, temptations, trails and tribulations. Outsiders sometimes think that holy rollers have situations under control and the ability to keep their poise. If you listen to the track “Over Here” Maleke O’Ney sings “Everybody gonna eat tonight / 3 Fives for 10 / Sevens for 25 / Mama said she no it ain’t right but it’s putting cornbread on the plate tonight / A little Crown in my cup / A little bit for church / A jet relief to keep the power on.” Who cannot relate to this? Basically she is saying she is a regular person hustling to make ends meet just like me and you. On the record Wild Chyld she goes a little deeper “I’m a Wild Chyld / I’m a rule bender / I’m a cold piece of work / Where we going to be at three in the morning / Drink a little / Smoke a little / Lets get fucked up.”

The Washington D.C. native such as being a divorce single parent that once had a major contract in her grasp leaving her with a feeling of discourgement. Those experiences helped Maleke shape her journey towards healing through music.

She started a new mission when she moved to Atlanta connecting with other musicians and songwriters. In 2011 Maleke O’Ney released “The ReIntroduction”, a five song EP about the pains and pleasures of love written, arranged, co-produced and executive produced by her.

Her sound got the attention of whose who of Atlanta. The well known DJ Kemit produced the Go-Go tinged “Wild Chyld”

Overall this album is a banger and I suggest you make a purchase over at You can also stream the album below.

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