Lil Jon Helps Fund & Opens Second School In Ghana

by Rafeal Crawford
Lil Jon Helps Fund & Opens Second School In Ghana

Lil Jon Helps Fund & Opens Second School In Ghana

The King of Crunk gives back

King of Crunk Lil’Jon has not release any new music for quite awhile, however there maybe good reason for his absence from the music scene. Because Lil Jon just help open up a second school in Africa, the country Ghana to be exact.  Lil’ Jon partnered up with the non-profit organization Pencils of Promise to fund and open a primary school.

He made his first visit to Ghana last fall and opened the first school and he saw first hand on how the children had a difficult learning environment  for them to succeed in getting an education, which led to him joining Pencils of Promise.”I’m all about helping children,” he told CNN. “Children are our future and every child deserves to have an environment where they can learn and flourish and gain knowledge.”

“Children shouldn’t have to suffer for any reason,” he said. “One of these kids could grow up to be a scientist, a lawyer, an astronaut, the president of their country. I could create an environment where all these things could happen.”


Pencils of Promise was founded by Adam Braun, who is the brother of music manager Scooter Braun, who help launch the careers of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande to name a few. The Pencils of Promise non- profit organization was established in 2008, which has built over 400 schools and is committed ensuring children from all walks of life receive a quality education. The new school that Lil Jon and Pencils of Promise is opening up is called Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School, and will enroll 313 students located in the Mafi Atitekpo village  in Ghana. The first school Lil Jon help open up is the Abomayaw D.A. Kindergarten school.  Lil Jon donated $70,000 to help fund and open both schools.