Lauren London Shares ‘Forever Stronger’ Collaboration With Puma

by Raheem Karim
lauren london
lauren london

Credit Youtube

Lauren London Shares ‘Forever Stronger’ Collaboration With Puma Paying Tribute To Nipsey

Lauren London debuted her new “Forever Stronger” campaign with PUMA on Tuesday as she continues her late husband Nipsey Hussle’s collaborative efforts with the apparel company.

The cinematic clip is set in Los Angeles, features pieces of PUMA activewear, London recites a short poem by Samantha Smith.

“There is nothing to hide here,No way to pretend. We relate, we disagree, we disengage. We are running into each other. We are the song that writes itself. The melody replays in the key of elevated living. We forget the words, we never forget the feeling. Glory and divinity conduct our symphony.”

The video, directed by Danny Williams and edited by Matt Tolkin. Frequent collaborator Rance 1500 or Nothin provided the score.

PUMA also released a statement;

“Lauren London is proud to join forces with PUMA to support her on this next chapter of her journey. This piece was a creative vision Lauren wanted to bring to life to signify the continuation of her marathon alongside PUMA. Forever Stronger.”

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