On The Rise: Hip Hop’s Hidden Gem Philly Rapper King Shampz

by Raheem Karim
King Shampz

Hip Hop music is full of undiscovered talent. We flipped over a rock and found two brothers King Shampz and Azzan from Philadelphia. Philly is known as a blue collar city with street grit and soulful sounds. King Shampz and Azzan bring that aspect in their music. This is real hip hop music with lyrical content hip hop heads can relate to.

The pair have been working together musically for about 3 years. With Shampz taking on most of the rapping duties and Azzan on the producing side of things an excellent partnership has been formed in the field of Hip Hop. Most recently they collaborated on King Shampz’s critically acclaimed mixtape “All Hail The King” which is now certified on Bronze on DatPiff.com. The mixtape itself is a combination of sounds that made Hip Hop’s glory days and the sounds that will be laid as a format for future Mc’s and producers in this brilliant art form of Hip Hop. The mixtape is raw and thoughtful. One of my favorite tracks the mellow cut “Just Wanna Know” a tale of a person trying to find love and make it through the ills of society.

Stream the mixtape “All Hail The King” below and be sure to check out his Soundcloud page.

Twitter: @KShampz

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