Happy Black History Month! We Helped Build This Country And We Are Here To Stay

by Raheem Karim
black history month

Music Life Social will be celebrating Black History Month by highlighting the achievements of African Americans the entire month of February. Right now with Donald Trump enforcing a illegal immigration ban on mostly Muslim countries. These Divided States of America is at crossroads when it comes to race and justice for all.

Time and time again I hear ignorant prejudice white people say go back to Africa. Well my response is go back to Europe and you should not have brung us here in the first place. But where would America be without us? Probably still under British rule.

I refute the notion that black people are lazy and only thing we want his handouts. That is simply not true. The facts speak for themselves. This country was built on the back of slaves and immigrates. Everything from the cotton industry, modern cities, the railroads connecting east and west, to the power grid. These are just a few things. For the record there are more white people on welfare, you can google the stats yourself.

African Americans have over come so much since the first slaves touched North American soil over 400 years ago. Our original culture was stolen from us. We created new cultures and trends which has become part of the American fabric such as Jazz, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, urban clothes, graffiti, etc. In this modern our styles are being stolen and used without proper credit.

Black people have contributed so much in American society in the fields of technology, medicine, entertainment, innovation, and politics. The list can go on and if you need evidence of who has done what, than use your computer to research yourself.

Before I forget blacks have participated in every U.S. war, need I say more.

Black History Month is about recognizing the achievements of our people and being proud of our heritage. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you did not contribute to this nation. Black history is American history. Now let’s make history of our own.

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