General Millz New Project “Tailor Shop /Tailor Made” prod by MichMo

General Millz on point with another One!

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General Millz New Project “Tailor Shop Tailor Made”  prod by Mich Mo 

General Millz New Project “Tailor Shop Tailor Made”  prod by Mich Mo . ( On All Streaming Platforms) This album is featuring “Mike Steezo” and “MichMo” (Michmography) in addition, also fully produced the project. These original hiphop creators came together to put out a project none thought would happen. General Millz took initiative to put this piece of work toghether for the love.  That effort made the three individual entities join forces to push and promote this body of work, so this project will go down in history as FIRE!!!!!

The collabaration and chemistry of the trio came together to make this album a hiphop must have. General Millz drops songs like “Da Sauce” ft Mike Steezo. This is the first video and single release. The chemistry makes this a real feel vibe that we need more of. Check out the other selections like “This Money” and “Me Or You“.  These few joints will get you to know the artist a little. General Millz has alot to offer for the new, retro and upcoming and musicians. Take heed and listen to his whole catalog, you wont be dissapointed.


This latest drop is getting some steam and reconition from some Playlisters and radio stations abroad. Other joints like-“Gangsta Bihh” and “How I Live” are sure to keep the fire flaming for the next few months to follow. To reassure momentum, he plans to drop a visual on the 1st of evry month, until the projects completed. This will put General Millz in a diffrent category to say the less. Tap in with General Millz & his Signature Stylez Ent. fam  with their Custom Merch and apperal

Check out General Millz catalog and videos on youtube.


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