Dre Harris Brutally Attacked By White Supremacists At Charlottesville Protest

by Raheem Karim
charlottesville protest

charlottesville protest

Dre Harris Brutally Attacked By White Supremacists At Charlottesville Protest

In a report from The Root, 20 year old Dre Harris was jumped and brutally attacked by white supremacists in a parking garage at the Charlottesville protest “Unite The Right” rally. Friday Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency because the violence surrounding the rally.

On Friday the Alt-right and white supremacist followers lead an unlawful rally on the University of Virginia campus carrying tiki torches and chanting “you will not replace us.” On Saturday the group protested the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Violence broke out when they met with counter protesters.


Harris recounted the incident on a GoFundMe page:

I was brutally attacked by white supremacists in the parking garage right beside the Charlottesville Police Station. I was chased and beat with metal poles. I was knocked unconscious repeatedly. Every time I went to stand up I was knocked back down…I was diagnosed with a concussion, an ulnar fracture, and had to receive eight staples in my head. I also have a laceration across my right eyebrow, abrasions on my knees & elbows, and a chipped tooth.


“Me and about five of my friends were out protesting. We thought [the racists] left, but at one point they came back. Everyone was exchanging words with the group, but then the KKK and white supremacists just rushed us,” Harris told The Root in an interview.

“They were beating me with poles. I have eight staples in my head, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth,” Harris said.

“The beating happened right beside the police department, and no police were there to help me at all. My mother is now thinking about suing the city of Charlottesville,” Harris said.

Harris’ friends and family created a GoFundMe to help with his medical expenses circulating his pictures on social media.

The Charlottesville protest clearly shows a a divide within America. Donald Trump was ridiculed for his delayed and half hearted response to the protest. Neo-Nazi’s actually saluted his response.

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