DJ Corner: DJ Trey West “Blue Line Soul”

by Raheem Karim
DJ Trey West

DJ Trey West is one of Atlanta’s premier House and Soul deejay purist. He is one of a handful of deejays that digs into the crates and spins some of the most hard to find records. DJ Trey West does not play the safe records, he actually wants to the listener on a musical journey.

West has deejayed across the country but has found a home here in the ATL. He has linked up with some of the biggest names in the deejay circuit such as DJ Kemit, Salah Ananse, Jamal Ahmad, Roland Clark, Chicken George, Chorizo Funk, Jeremy Avalon, Ree de la Vega, NIMBUS, and more.

His latest mix is called “Blue Line Soul” This mix comprised of soulful selections of house, disco, jazz and funk, featuring artists Record Breakin’ Ensemble, Sven & Ourra, Alena, Harry Wolfman, Loz Goddard and more.

You catch DJ Trey spinning a live set around the city. For more information visit his website

Check the mix “Blue Line Soul” below and get ready to groove!

[mixcloud width=689 height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

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