DJ Corner: DJ TakTixX: Ready For The Weekend Hip-hop Mix

by Raheem Karim

Believe it or not, I was done with DJing in 2004.”

Worldwide DJ TakTixX has been providing the sound for a long time. He began by becoming influenced by the park jam DJ’s and his uncles.

“I recognized early, the power that the DJ possessed. I fell in love with that power and I knew at 5 years old I wanted to be a DJ”

Growing up in Brooklyn, NYC and eventually moving around as a dependent in a military household, DJ TakTixX grew up listening to all different types of DJ’s around the world. “I listened to and studied EVERYONE!! DJ’s, Emcees, Musicians, Singers, Producers…I fell in love deep with music”

Since 1987, DJ TakTixX has always been involved with music, whether as a DJ, a producer, an emcee or manager, but it was never his first choice as far as careers go.

“I never thought it would happen…this rapping stuff…lol. Nah, seriously. Just like a lot of other brothers, I joined the military. After getting discharged, I turned to the streets. Music was something that I always loved, but never took extremely serious…it was always just another hustle to me.”

After a moderately successful run as a part of an independent label, DJ TakTixX changed his name in 1999 (initially know as T-Love) and began pursuing ventures as a DJ in Columbus, Ohio. The allure of the street life prevailed and DJ TakTixX found himself in a courtroom like a lot of young men in 2004

“When I caught my case in 2004, I lost EVERYTHING!! I ended up working at various restaurants…I sunk into a deep depression and didnt know what to do.”

At the end of 2006, DJ TakTixX bought a one way ticket to Atlanta to rebuild his life and career in music. By 2009 DJ TakTixX was reborn as Worldwide DJ TakTixX and began actively DJing in Atlanta and all over the nation. He has collaborated with various artists and groups to produce songs and host mixtapes. He has been on several internet radio stations including ( with his branded show, Jumpout Radio (which was born on in 2011) After Jumpout Radio began to buzz due to all of the exclusive content that was being played and received, Jumpout Music LLC was born. Jumpout Music LLC is a multimedia entity founded by DJ TakTixX in 2012.

Since actively DJing in 2009 in Atlanta, DJ TakTixX become one of regarded DJ’s in the Atlanta DJ community and has spun at some of the most amazing venues in the city as well as around the nation. Whether it’s a corporate/private party, a wedding, or a club night, Worldwide DJ TakTixX is sure to guarantee a good time.

“I want everyone to leave my events smiling and sweating.”

DJ TakTixX has held it down at quite a few radio stations and venues throughout Atlanta including;
The Music Room, Speakeasy, P’Cheen, The Sound Table, Erosol, Dugan’s on Ponce, O’Reilly’s, Barnacles, Gatsby’s, Johnny’s Bar and Grill, Karma Bistro, MJQ, Thirsty’s, Bone Lick BBQ, Spin, Cloud XI, Uptown Comedy Corner, Theory Lounge, Jimi’s, The Mediterranean, and many other venues throughout the city and the nation.

Connect With Me!
Twitter: @djtaktixx
Facebook: @djtaktixx
Instagram: @djtaktixx

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