DJ Corner: DJ Rahdu – Shifting Gears (Mix)

by Raheem Karim
DJ Rahdu

Dj Rahdu talks about the passing of iconic rapper Phife Dawg “The passing of Malik “Phife” Taylor affected me more profoundly than the death of any previous musical celebrity to date. I never met him personally but bonded with A Tribe Called Quest’s aesthetics as a Freshman in high school. During this period of self discovery I began to select music that was derived from my tastes, not the influence of my peers and immediately felt a connection to the “Bohemian” band of brothers. Their nonconformist approach to style and music set them apart from their counterparts who embraced them wholly and showed others, me specifically, that standing out isn’t always the polar opposite of fitting in. The sentiment was much-needed at the time and still holds true to this day.”

“Phife’s passing sucked the desire to listen to, enjoy, and share music from me. Only when I began to prep for my DJ gig in St Louis this past weekend did I begin to rediscover the joy I find in music. Grief affects us all differently I suppose. This mix is my release of the sadness I felt and a true expression of my love of music. Thank you for your patience during this time and I’ll resume providing consistent quality content on BamaLoveSoul shortly. Until then, enjoy”

Track List
D’angelo – Greatdayndamornin’ – Booty (Jank Remixed-ItBootyleg)
Louie Gee Ensemble – Scrabble
Johnny Hammond – Shifting Gears (Dj Day Remix)
Sharif D – Hearts & Hormones (Sean Murray Deep Disco Remix)
Erykah Badu – Window Seat (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)
Alexis Davis – Miles
Vusatyl – I Got It (DJ Spinna Remix) ft Ja’kar Abel
Dibia$e – One4jax
Lefto – We Gettin’ Down
Jewbei – Earth Wind & Phifer
Phife – Nutshell
Omari Jazz – hhhhhhhnngggggggg
Common – The Sun God (Robot Orchestra Remix)
Gravity Movement – Loving You
AZ – Gimme Your’s ft Nas
DJ Cam Quartet – Everybody Loves the Sunshine ft Inlove
The Hue – Fiyah Flies ft Chris Daddy Dave & Derrick Hodge
Nicholas Ryan Gant – Everything
Suff Daddy – Suff Gucci
Wally Clark – Kumquat
Thelonious Coltrane x Gza – Tre x Beneath The Surface
El Michels Affair – 4th Chamber
Stro Elliot – Soul II Stro
Tall Black Guy – JB’s Suite I
Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble – Keep On, Hold Tight
Kanye West – I Love Kanye (Hezekiah Remix)
QSTN – Dreamcatcher
Will.I.Am – Nahh Mean ft Phife
Next Evidence – It’s Only Right ft Phife
Black Milk x Nat Turner – Electric Spanking
J Dilla – Requiem ft Allan Barnes

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