DJ Corner: DJ Funknatra – Future Soul Sessions “Drop The Bomb Funknatra Remix”

by Raheem Karim

Facilitator of the idea to bring new music to the world, blessed with the gift to pick talent, Funknatra travels the globe discovering Nu-Soul “Treasures”. So the talent you will experience has been tested prior to your ears even catching a glimmer. “I pride myself on being the one DJ who plays what’s next, not just what’s current!!!!!!” A phenomenal person that has amassed a growing international following through live appearances, mix CD’s & live DJ sets!

Funknatra hit the airwaves with “Future Soul Sessions“ podcast in 2004. In 2009 he became the Co-Founder of the NuSoul Collective which helps other indie entrepreneurs realize their potential, by advising, promoting, exposing & presenting to the world “The Best of What the Indie Soul Movement has to offer” Through their mantra “We Provide Good Music, For Good People” So checkout www.djfunknatra.comWebsite:

Mix Page:

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