Distilled Butter: The Rebirth of Jazz – Part 1

by Raheem Karim

Distilled Butter


Distilled Butter: A Story To Tell Through Jazz

Distilled Butter is a collection of Atlanta based talented musicians and singers using music to tell their story through jazz music and why there is a rebirth in the genre. The band consist of band director and flutist Richard Brown, singer Earl Harris, guitarist Tremane Young, keyboard player Keisha, and singer Lady Bose. I stopped by a practice session and I was highly impressed by the professionalism, and sound.  When they played it was sweet harmony and I am quite sure they would light the stage on fire.  Very few bands can capture your attention with the flute being the focal point, but this band has the talent to pull it off. I am not saying the flute over takes all the instrument in every song, but for just for this particular session. The band name makes sense because their sound is a smooth as butter.

Band Director Richard Brown sits down with Music Life Social to discuss the Distilled Butter’s versatility and the direction of Jazz music.  We touched on topics such as jazz and soul music in this era.  I was also joined by there book agent  extraordinaire Whitney Brown.  She talks about the type of band venue owners are looking for and the Atlanta market.  Watch the interview below and stream the sweet sounds of Distilled Butter.  Part 2 of the Interview with singer Lady Bose and Keyboardist Keisha will be posted tomorrow.


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