DeKalb County Sheriff Candidate Antonio “Block” Johnson Talks Community Involvement

by Raheem Karim

DeKalb County Sheriff Candidate Antonio “Block” Johnson Discusses How He Can Make Difference

DeKalb County Sheriff Candidate Antonio “Block” Johnson visited the Music Life Social studio to discuss why he is running for Sheriff. Antonio is a United States Air Force Reserve veteran and just retired from the Fulton County Marshals in December 2019. I asked him why not sit back and enjoy your retirement traveling and playing golf? He response was that he wants to make a difference the community he grew up in.

Johnson talked about the duties of the Sheriff because most voters do not know what the Sheriffs responsibility is. He also talked about his youth reform program and how he has changed young peoples’ lives for the better. One of his trailblazing accomplishments was the implementation of a Junior Deputy Program as well as establishing a College Intern Program with various local universities. Johnson is also actively involved in youth sports as a baseball coach.


Johnson stated one of his top priorities is stabilizing the county jail and community involvement. In April of last year there was inmate protest over mistreatment and abuse along with mold infestation.

Johnson spoke about how the community plays a huge role for a safer DeKalb. He wants to hear from the residents and have town hall meetings so the agency can perform their job better.

Listen to the full interview above and for more information about Antonio “Block” Johnson and the DeKalb County Sheriff race information visit his website

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