Culture Republic Aims For The Top Spot With Roster Additions Nate Nixen and Millie Thrasher

by Raheem Karim
culture republic

Co-founder Jason Geter of Culture Republic already has the music industry buzzing with one hot artist rapper Nick Grant. Looking to expand the label’s roster they recently signed rapper Nate Nixen and singer Millie Thrasher.

Nate Nixen is no stranger, as the Detroit rapper took the internet by storm honing his skills since 2011. He built a huge following with his catchy video series on instagram and hashtags #First59. This caught the attention of Detroit Pistons star Andre Drummond, who joined the Emcee on one of his clips creating even more of a buzz.

Getting content inspiration from his personal experiences, in addition to the Detroit rap scene, the MC cares about the narrative in his lyrics and what messages listeners take away. He encourages people to bob their heads, but also to use them to think. Writing, arranging, recording and mixing his own music, Nate is a subscriber to the D.I.Y business model, something he encourages his supporters to do as well.

Nixen has the streets buzzing with a record. Phenomal. This song is about enjoying life no matter what trails and tribulations you are going through at the time.

Nate is only 19 years old but was heavily influenced by his parents musical palette; a proper line-up of bands like The Beatles, ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) and soul singers such as Sam Cooke, Etta James and Ray Charles. So with that being said knows the pure essence of real music.

Millie Thrasher

An icon in the making, Millie Thrasher is multi-gifted, an all-around entertainer as a singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. The Birmingham, Alabama native, Millie dominated competitive cheerleading until the age of 12 when she turned her attention to acting.

She relocated to Los Angeles to pursue broader career opportunities. The rising talent made the cross-country trek for the sake of her dream where she dabbled in television and film before trading show business for the music business. She put acting on the back burner and set her focus on her deep-rooted desire for music. Millie’s breakthrough came in 2013 when she appeared on the nationally televised X-Factor where the judges placed her in the girl group Sweet Suspense. She utilized all of her previous center stage experiences to help the group finish within the top twelve. When the group disbanded in 2015, Millie wasted little time capitalizing off of her wide recognition by releasing a string of popular cover songs and visual performances that kept her name and likeness in the spotlight. That exposure put her into the collaborative mix of music executive Chaka Zulu, who is both the longtime manager and business partner of multi-dimensional superstar Ludacris. Under the artistic direction of Chaka and his newly minted entertainment conglomerate Culture Republic, Millie is currently working with notable writers/producers/choreographers as her next move is being carefully curated.

Culture Republic should be a great fit for both artist as they have well experienced staff in the industry and will help both artist grow

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