Combat Jack Show w/ King Tech (The Wake Up Show) & King Crooked…Check It Out!

by Rafeal Crawford
Combat Jack Show

On this episode of the Combat Jack Show we bring you West Coast Radio pioneer King Tech (Sway and Tech, The Wake Up Show), King Crooked and the homie Lord Sear. We’re talking Tech’s early beginnings in radio, how him and Sway architected the blueprint for the culture, King Crooked’s being cosigned by some of hip hop’s greatest icons, Slaughterhouse, Death Row, West Coast Rap, their new BET show “One Shot” and so much more that we can’t put all here. You just have to listen. Our Sirius/Shade45 bredren Lord Sear also joins us for this powerful discussion. Hit the play button..West West!

The new TV series “One Shot” debuts on BET tonight 10pm EST.

Hosted by @Combat_Jack & @its_Aking
Produced by @JonathanMena
Executive Produced by @its_Aking and @MrChrisMorrow
Engineered by @SJKaram
Music by @RealZayOni
Twitter/IG @combatjackshow

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