Clizzy Houston “Elevator” Ft Vidal Garcia Takes Ladies To Another Level

by Raheem Karim
Clizzy Houston

Atlanta based, but Houston native rapper and songwriter Clizzy Houston released a new single titled “Elevator” featuring Vidal Garcia. Clizzy is one of the most versatile underground rappers in the Atlanta. On his past singles has displayed a southern trap flow, a East Coast flow with the track “80’s Baby”, now he shows his smooth side. The record is a smooth track with some freaky lyrics speaking on taking sex to another level. The track does not mince words and it sets the mood off just right in the bedroom or the elevator.

On The Rise: Rapper Clizzy Houston – A New Southern Star

Look for new music from Clizzy later this summer as it will be a follow up from his debut LP THE BEGINNING in March of 2015 and it is something you want to add to your rotation. Purchase the album Itunes.

Listen to Clizzy’s new single “Elevators” featuring Vidal Garcia below. Ladies are you ready to go to the top floor?

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