Charlie Wilson Has Reached Three Decades Of Having A No.1 w/ His Forever Valentine Single

by Rafeal Crawford
Charlie Wilson Has Three Decades Of No.1's w/ His Forever Valentine Single
Charlie Wilson Has Three Decades Of No.1's w/ His Forever Valentine Single

credit Kwahku Allston

Uncle Charlie reached another milestone

Legendary soul singer Charlie Wilson has reached another musical milestone recently. His single “Forever Valentine” has went from No. 3 to No.1 on the Adult R&B Songs chart this past week making him the first artist to chart in the last three decades  with new No.1’s.

Forever Valentine was co-written and co-produced by Bruno Mars and Uncle Charlie discusses with Billboard about collaborating with Bruno “I am so happy and proud of ‘Forever Valentine,'” Wilson tells Billboard. “Bruno had the vision and we always wanted to work together musically. To have a No. 1 song in May with ‘Valentine’ in the title proves what we set out to accomplish in this record. It is actually an ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ love song because we want you to celebrate love not just on Valentine’s Day but every day. After 20 years since my first hit as a solo artist, it’s amazing to consistently earn these No. 1 songs. I so appreciate radio and the streaming services for all of their support over the years.”

Mr.Wilson first No.1 single as a solo artist was his 2005 release My Name is Charlie Last Name Wilson. For those who don’t know Charlie Wilson is a member of the iconic musical group The GAP band from Oklahoma City who churned out hits “Outstanding & “Yearning” with his brothers Robert and Ronnie.

Here’s a list of Charlie Wilson’s No.1’s of the past three decades

“Charlie Last Name Wilson” Sept. 2005

“There Goes My Baby” March 2009

“You Are” Dec. 2010

“My Love Is All I Have” Feb.2013

“Chills” March 2018

“Forever Valentine” May 2020


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