Beyonce Will Include Families Of Black Lives Matter Victims In Next Video

by Raheem Karim

Beyonce is believed to be filming a music video highlighting the Black Lives Matter campaign. Bey made headlines at the 2016 Super Bowl 50 halftime performance of the song “Formation” Beyonce’s marquee featured outfits resembling Black Panther and Black Power regalia. The performance, viewed by more than 112 million people, also featured an unmistakeable ‘X’ formation (believed to commemorate the legacy of Malcolm X) and was soon followed by the video for ‘Formation’.

Beyonce expressed African Americans true feelings toward cops because we refuse to gloss over crimes against humanity. Over the last couple years Police shootings against unarmed black men have risen and justice has not been swift or equal.

The Grammy winner has reportedly approached the parents of slain black teens Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Tamir Rice to star in a video clip for her upcoming sixth studio album schedule for release this year.

Knowles and rapper husband Jay-Z have been very active in the Black Lives Matter movement, appearing at rallies and vigils protesting police brutality against black Americans, and making financial contributions.

Last month, the pair donated $US1.5 billion to more than a dozen Black Lives Matter charities through their Tidal music streaming service.
According to a new report by Inquisitr, Beyonce’s latest project includes a video clip featuring footage of families holding photos of their sons who have become high-profile victims of alleged police brutality.

Police unions have urged all law enforcement officers to boycott the purchase of Beyonce’s music and the purchase of tickets for her performances. Beyonce has stood her ground on this issue keeping the police murdering unarmed black men issue on the forefront.

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