Author Linda J. McDuffie Promotes Her New Book and Play “What Happens Behind Closed Doors”, Along With Actor Blue Kimble

by Raheem Karim
Blue Kimble

Linda J. McDuffie is a accomplished book author and play writer based in Atlanta, GA. Music Life Social had chance to talk to her in our studio about her new book linda_j_mcduffie“What Happens Behind Closed Doors”. She talks about what inspired her to write the book and turn it into a stage play. Atlanta native Blue Kimble is a veteran actor and producer, known for The Wish, a Story of Hope, Faith and Generosity (2014), Being Mary Jane (2014),Loud (2014), and The Run Saga: Breathe (2016). He is also starring the play “What Happens Behind Closed Doors”. Music Life Social had the opportunity to interview both of them and talk about their upcoming project and the inspiration behind it.

About the Book
Sassy, humorous, and true-to-life, What Happens Behind Closed Doors tells the story of three women- free-spirited dancer Stacey, sneaky stay at home mom Carla, and judgmental pre-trial officer Aisha. Refreshing and in-your-face, this amusing drama depicts how they cope when adversity turns their lives upside down.

Stacey, Aisha and Carla are the best of friends and neighbors who spent family time together. One night the girls get together and they truly find out “What Happens Behind Their Closed Doors”

Stacey is a fun, witty and free spirited. She struggles to pay her bills and education, Stacey’s friends and family think her brother Anthony helps Stacey make ends meet with his night club. But what they don’t know is Stacey secretly is a professional dancer at her brother’s club. As Stacey continues to work to take care of herself, she soon faces adversity to keep her secret from everyone else.

Aisha is a religious married Pretrial Detention Officer, who is setting her goals on having family of her own. Aisha is big on interfering in her family’s affairs. Aisha family think that she has everything together the perfect life, the perfect job, and the perfect marriage but little do they know she’s neglecting her marriage. Can her family and friends convince her to back off and just love them as they are or will she chase them all away and end up left alone with the man in the mirror.
Carla is married to Tony and is a stay home mom with two young children. Since having kids Carla and Tony feels their married is boring and could use some serious excitement. As the two spice up their marriage so to speak, they’re thrown into a whirlwind and everything spins out of control. While Tony thinks their marriage is back on track Carla is secretly yearning for more. What happens next could destroy the life they built together and possibly destroy Carla’s friendship with Stacey and Aisha.

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