Atlanta Mayoral Race 2017, Which Candidate Is Brave Enough To Sit In The MLS Hot Seat?

by Raheem Karim
Atlanta Mayoral Race 2017

Atlanta Mayoral Race 2017 election day is not to far away. This election boosts a unprecedented 11 candidates vying for your vote for the the most coveted office in the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta is a city in transition with more suburbans moving back into the city. Over the past 4 yours citizens have witnessed real estate developers build more high rise condos, expensive lofts,and office buildings; therefore pushing out the average working Atlantan to the outskirts of the city.

Long time Westside Atlanta residents are also witnessing gentrification especially with new Mercedes Benz stadium being built. Property taxes have sky rocketed because of the Atlanta Belt Line in this area. This is a historic African American community, so the question has to asked how many black business and home owners will able to enjoy this neighborhood make over?

Another question is will the new mayor ignore the out dated drainage system in the city, which has wrecked havoc for many home owners in less affluent areas. Crime has went up 200% across metro Atlanta, so how will the new mayor tackle problem?

It seems as though Atlanta has lost its identity. With the high price condos and lofts makes it seems that Atlanta is becoming the New York city of the South. That is not what distinguished Atlanta from all the other major cities. There is nothing wrong with business and growth, but the city needs to find its way again.

There are 11 candidates, and come from different political backgrounds and have different views. Here is the list of candidates that have declared:

  • Peter Aman, former Chief Operating Officer of Atlanta
  • Al Bartell, Green Party Candidate
  • Alex Barrella, Cartoonist
  • Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta City Councilmember (District 11)
  • John Eaves, Fulton County Chairman, District 7, At-Large
  • Vincent Fort, Georgia State Senator
  • Kwanza Hall, Atlanta City Councilmember (District 2)
  • Laban King, Real Estate Entrepreneur & Business Developer
  • Ceasar Mitchell, Atlanta City Council President
  • Mary Norwood, Atlanta City Councilmember (Post 2 At Large) and candidate for Mayor in 2009
  • Michael Sterling, former Director of the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency
  • Cathy Woolard, former Atlanta City Council President

Some are really in touch with the citizens, some are for big development, others are just career politicians that just want the title.

Here at Music Life Social we are the voice of the people. We talk about topics affecting communities nation and worldwide. We ask the tough questions and keep it 100% honest.


We have reached out to several campaigns about interview with no response. The kicker is that their campaign was quick to call our office for permission to put up a yard sign, or help volunteer. We are not going to name names just yet. The people Atlanta want real answers and solutions.

Which candidate will separate themselves from the pack in the Atlanta Mayoral Race 2017 and is brave of enough to sit in the Music Life Social hot seat?

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