A New Photo Of Harriet Tubman Emerges!

by Rafeal Crawford
Harriet Tubman

American hero Harriet Tubman, who known for her bravery by leading slave to freedom in the north via the underground railroad. They are rare photos of Harriet Tubman but a new photograph has emerged of her from the post Civil War era. The photo could be around the late 1860’s or early 1870’s.

Given there is no record of her exact date of birth experts say mrs.Tubman also referred to as Moses could be between the ages of 43-46 years old. Well, the newly discovered photo will be sold on March 30 at an auction in New York, the picture will be apart of a 44 piece collection.


This will not be the only time people will get to see Harriet Tubman’s picture. Because she will replace Andrew Jackson, who is currently on the $20 in the year 2020 and Harriet Tubman National Park just got the approval in her hometown of Auburn, New York.

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