5 Things Minorities Must Do Now That Donald Trump Was Elected President

by Raheem Karim
Donald Trump

The American public is in shock this morning as they turn their televisions on and see Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. This is been one of the most divided elections based on race, class, and racist rhetoric by Donald Trump we have ever witnessed. Trump is the same candidate that campaigned on building a wall along the border, he called Latinos rapist, and wants to implement stop and frisk in urban areas. This will be a huge let down not only for Democrats, but African Americans.

Now Donald Trump will have the power to repel Obama’s political legacy — including the Affordable Care Act, one of his most proudest achievement.

Just how Donald Trump defied the odds, every poll was incorrect. Our world is about to change as he will have the power to appoint justices who could ensure a generational conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. That is a huge deal.

What do minorities do from Here?

Well we still have to live our lives and push forward toward progress. The sun will still come out tomorrow and sky will still be blue. Minorities have to have a plan of action in order to create change. I call this action Plan Black. People of color have shown the ability to overcome hardships and oppression many times throughout history. When we unite as a people, there is nothing we cannot do. In order for this to work a tight coalition of diverse ethnicities. Here is a five point plan of agendas we must accomplish in order Plan Black to work.

1. Support And Invest In Our Minority Businesses

There have been more minority owned business in the Barack Obama presidency than in other time period. It is up to us to keep those business afloat and successful. Also must expand and create new ownership in other business sectors. We have to support our local and national minority owned businesses. Shop at your local boutiques, restaurants, service professionals, etc. We have to keep the dollars circulating in our communities.

Minority business owners who fave made it to elite levels have to support those who seek the American dream also. Banks and non-white investor rarely invest in minority business ventures. It is up to us to lend a hand.

2. Education

Trust me I understand our education system is in shambles, grant it is better than it was when George W. Bush was in office. School systems in most urban areas do not have funds or resources to upgrade text books and technology. This due to corrupt local officials and mishandled funds by state and city officials. Minorities cannot use those disadvantages as a crutch. Parents have to take more responsibility for their children. In no way am I saying it is easy, faced with all the challenges of parenting. Our kids have to be our focal point to help guide and steer them into the right path. As a parent, it does it matter if you work two jobs if have to lose a extra couple of hours of sleep to help your kid with their homework, than that’s what it takes. Get involved with your child’s school activities. A few suggestions:

  • Visit the library and assign a fun summer reading project.
  • Make learning fun and create a project base on your child’s interest
  • Visit areas outside your neighborhood and different cultures
  • Learn your rights as a citizen

Not only do we need to step our kids education, but adults in gain more skills in the technology and computer sciences area. Our numbers are slacking in those two booming industries.

3. Stop Gun Violence

The Number 1 cause of death for African-American males 15-34 is murder and 82 percent of the homicides aregun deaths. Our children are dying before they even grow up. This is really plaguing our community because it keeps businesses out and crime up. We have to get handle on this

4. Reshape Our Communities

If you live or have not been to a low income minority neighborhood, go and look around. What do you see? Probably a lot of abandoned houses, defunct businesses, trash, business that allow loitering and littering. We have to hold city officials and business owners accountable for the appearance of the business or house. City officials need to put in place and enforce city ordinances to address some these issues. My question is why we littering in our own community anyway? Put trash in a trash can. Community leader need have neighborhood clean up drives and start setting examples.

5. Be Prepared

Prepare yourself it is a new world order. Educate and arm yourself. Van Jones a CNN contributor said it right, “This is whitelash.” The old establishment want the number spot and keep minorities down. They will go to great lengths to achieve there goal.

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