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by Raheem Karim


Chicago Rapper Noname Release New Album ‘Room 25’

Chicago poetry slam artist to rapper Nonname is back; with her sophomore album Room 25 after a two year hiatus which felt like a lifetime. Noname made a name for her self with wicked bars on Chance The Rapper’s 2013 mixtape, Acid Rap. She left fans in awe and fascinated when Chance featured her on his album, Coloring Book. Noname showed a different side to her with a Christian song on the album. Three years later she reintroduced herself with a mixtape of her own, 2016’s Telefone, a breath taking debut by any measure.

Room 25 features 11 new tracks guest appearances from the likes of Saba, Ravyn Lenae, and Smino. Noname has very unorthodox style; she was slam poetry artist before a hip hop artist. She has managed to blend both in her work.


The album eludes to her transition in life; moving away from Chicago for the first time to Los Angeles. She rave about the new experiences the city has to offer.

The Fader did really nice in depth article about Noname, I highly suggest you read. She talks about not losing her virginity until she was 25: “purely insecurity, purely like, I’m too afraid to be naked in front of somebody.” The album is truely a coming of age story of one finding themselves.

Noname is true artist that will not be boxed and have set limitations. I think this album displays just that. I try to exist without binding myself to labels,” she said in 2016, right after the release of her excellent inaugural mixtape, Telefone. “For me, not having a name expands my creativity. I’m able to do anything. Noname could potentially be a nurse, Noname could be a screenwriter. I’m not limited to any one category of art or other existence, on a more existential level.”

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