D.I.T.C. Members Fat Joe, Lord Finesse And Diamond D Share New Single “Rock Shyt”

by Raheem Karim

One of the best hip hop crew ever assembled in the 1990’s D.I.T.C. (Diggin’ In The Crates) released a new single “Rock Shyt” produced by Super Ugly. The legendary underground rap collective included Big L, Lord Finesse, Diamond D, O.C., Fat Joe, Showbiz and A.G., Buckwild. Most of the members went on to have successful careers as artist, producers, or radio personalities. Harlem’s Big L was tragically shot and killed in 1999. The talent in this crew is incredible and hip hop purist the classic records this bunch released in the early to mid 90’s. before branching off

The D.I.T.C. crew is still in intact and they’re releasing a new album called Sessions on Oct. 28., also their new single is accompanied by a video.

Watch the video and see the track listing below. You can also pre-order the album on iTunes.

1.) “Not For Nothing” f/ O.C. & A.G.
2.) “Rock Shyt Too” f/ Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & Diamond D
3.) “Its Cold Outside” f/ Fat Joe, A.G. & O.C.
4.) “A. Barnes” f/ A.G.
5.) “Granted” f/ O.C.
6.) “Fat Joe Speaks” f/ Fat Joe
7.) “New Wave” f/ Fat Joe, A.G. & O.C.
8.) “Everytime I Touch The Mic” f/ O.C., A.G., A. Bless & Frank V
9.) “Make ‘Em Proud” f/ Fat Joe, Diamond D & A.G.
10.) “Connect 3” f/ Diamond D, O.C. & A.G.
11.) “Diggin’ Number” f/ Fat Joe, O.C. & A.G.
12.) “Rock Shyt” f/ Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & Diamond D

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