Atlanta Rapper Sm00ve Drops Album ‘Shid Only’

by Raheem Karim
Atlanta Rapper Sm00ve

Atlanta Rapper Smoove

Sm00ve Tells Why He Is The Truth With Shid Only album

Hip hop lives in the South but hip hop artist Sm00ve is not your run of the mill Atlanta rapper. Mumble rap and ad libbing through a entire record while the beat knocks has been trending for awhile. Sm00ve is different, his lyrics take the forefront. It is ever so evident on the first record ‘Breaking News’ on his new album Shid Only.

Sm00ve immediately tells you how it is, Ok here’s my situation see/ I’m killin shit, I think I need a lawyer / I put that on the state Georgia/ Let pen bleed / I’m torching tracks.

Those first lines caught my attention. The other records I kept rewinding was “Quiktrip”. I had chip tooth like Fabolous right / but she fuck me because my ad libs tight.

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The album is filled with filled with Sm00ve expressing his hardships and sacrifices through daily experiences trying to make it in the game. As a listener you can feel the his determination and grit on records “Allegedly” and “All That Hating”. He even has something for the ladies letting you know he is going to be better man on “Better”.

Sm00ve’s great use of his cadence and flow is rhymthmic. He separates himself for the usually southern drawl rapper. The production is fire and matches his tone. Overall it is good album and should be included in your rotation.

You can make purchase of his album Shid Only on Apple Music also stream the preview below.

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