Wu Tang Clan’s The RZA To Relaunch Wu Wear Clothing

by Rafeal Crawford
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Wu Tang Clan's The RZA To Relaunch Wu Wear Clothing

The RZA and Power team with Live Nation to relaunch their iconic clothing line

Wu-Tang Clan founder and member The RZA and Oliver “Power”Grant have teamed with the merchandising section of Live Nation to relaunch Wu-Wear. In 1995 Wu-Wear was born and it was one of the first clothing lines by a Hip Hop artist or group many would say their would be no Sean John or Rocawear, if was not for Wu-Wear clothing.

Power says “Wu Wear was the first hip-hop brand to be in the windows on Macy’s 34th St.,” and RZA also states “Now that we are aware and re-energized for our legacy, we felt it was the proper time to reenter the market. Not in a boutique way, but to go big, once again.”

The Wu-Tang Clan burst onto the music scene in 1993 with their classic Enter the 36 Chambers, and next year will be the 25th anniversary of their debut. The Wu-Wear collection will premier during Agenda in Las Vegas this week Aug. 14-16th, and will be available in October in certain retail stores. RZA and Power have recruited young and talented designers to keep the line fresh, but also staying true to those die-hard Wu fans who love their clothing line.


“We have the foundation team here that understands what made the brand become iconic. We also have a team of people who have joined us,” RZA says. “We have a well of expression to pull from and understand fashion nuances. Maybe the young guy is looking for the basic crew neck. But yet, the Miami guy, he’s looking for more the no collar neck to get more of the shoulder blades into it. We are conscious of all this. You’ll see all those elements of fashion apply to our line.”

The clothing line was discontinued in 2008, but Power gave a valid reason for bringing Wu-Wear back he said people and companies were pirating and making counterfeit Wu-Wear clothing that was being sold on ebay or Amazon, so they felt the need to reestablish the brand when it came to the clothing line. For more info visit wuwear

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