Up and Coming: Veronique is the musical embodiment of a Movement

by Raheem Karim

Veronique is not a woman of mystery. She is the musical embodiment of a Movement. Through the instantly recognizable seduction in her voice to her signature vocal, lyrical arrangement and with her distinctive “Live” sets, she is the spokeswoman for a global alliance who aims to reclaim beautiful music for beautiful people worldwide. This beauty is not defined by over saturated images of pop-media culture. Rather, it is the amalgamation of global culture, independent thought and creative spirit shared by adventure hungry hedonists with lust for life. Veronique, a Bethesda, MD native began her career early studying music with her father and singing in church. Her vocal/lyrical skills were honed with Detroit House Music legends Aaron-Carl (Wallshaker Music), Derwin Hall (UR), Malik Alston (Truth Manifest Records) and Delano Smith (Mix Mode Recordings).

Her introduction to the global music scene came in 2007 with her 1st installment of powerful hit gospel-house music singles, (“Use Me” & “Alright”) which showcased her vocal stylings and part of her musical taste. In 2008, Wallshaker Music released her first project titled “Veriations: The EP”. The CD garnered international acclaim and uninhibited from the confines of major labels and in keeping with this vision the first full-length release, “Veriations Of Soul” focused on the various styles of music she loves. Raw and honest-it is a daring departure from sub-standards of today’s pop music. Appearances and collaborative production work with the likes of Al Ester, DJ Minx, Craig Alexander, James “D-Train” Williams, Dajae, Peven Everette, DJ Stacey “Hottwax” Hale, Gene Hunt, Andre Hatchett and many more house music pioneers & musical alchemist weaving beautiful people, fine arts and progressive music into a purely golden lifestyle. “I have been humbled by my travels,” Veronique recounts. “I have realized the potential of pleasure through experiences and journeys.” Veronique is a missionary. She uses her renowned live PA sets as a vehicle to bring like minded music to pleasure seekers worldwide.

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