Tyler Perry Addresses Criticism Of Viral Video: “I Am The Sole Writer Of My Shows”

by Raheem Karim
Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry

Source Essence

Tyler Perry Responds To Sole Writer Criticism

Tyler Perry has addressed the criticism he received recently when he shared he’s the sole writer for many of his shows.  Perry shared a video clip via instagram last week which he  talks about how all shows has a writing room of 10 to 12 people, but he does not and wrote all his 2019 shows himself.  Several social media users shared they felt the entertainment mogul is taking opportunities from up and coming writers.

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In a video released by ESSENCE today, Perry shared with Danielle Young “I don’t know what people are complaining about because I’m writing specifically for my audience.” He also said, “What people don’t know is early on, I had a writer’s room and it was a nightmare for me. Not only that but I had writers writing shows [and] they were turning in scripts that didn’t speak to my audience and my ratings took a dip.”

In his defense he also stated there are other shows in development and there will be other writers and writers room for those particular show. He just wants to hold on to his section.

Lena Waithe has weighed in on Tyler Perry’s tweet from last week that touted his “work ethic,” where he said he wrote all of his television series himself, without a writers’ room.

“Every artist is different, and I gotta say, Tyler has been very supportive of me and a lot of other black artists,” Waithe told reporters in response to a question about Perry’s tweet on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

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