The Effect of Emerging Technologies On The Music Industry

by Catherine Metcalf
Emerging Technologies on The Music Industry

Emerging Technologies on The Music Industry

Emerging Technologies on The Music Industry

It’s no secret that digital technology has had a major impact on the music industry. This trend is by no means over. Emerging innovations, such ason-demand app developmentfor streaming services, have the power to make the listening experience even more engaging and interesting for consumers.

Augmented reality (AR) is one of those developments. Made popular by apps like Pokemon Go! and Snapchat, AR allows programs to superimpose virtual elements on top of the real world displayed via a device like a smartphone, tablet, or wearable headset.


Professionals in the record industry can leverage this technology to their benefit. The following are key ways this may soon happen.

Designing Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Pokemon Go! is essentially a scavenger hunt in which users are tasked with finding virtual Pokemon out in the world. Major brands have already taken this format and leveraged it for marketing campaigns.

For example, Disneyrecently designed an AR scavenger huntto correspond with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise. Participants explored thousands of retail locations throughout the world to find hidden virtual logos. Successfully finding the logos unlocked exclusive information about new characters.

Music companies can do the same. For instance, they may promote a new release from a popular artist by asking customers to find hidden AR elements, much like the Disney strategy. Participants who find the AR elements could be among the first to unlock downloads for bonus tracks or upcoming singles.

Improving Music Videos

Major artists like Maroon 5 havealready experimentedwith AR music videos. However, we’ve only just begun to explore how this technology can breathe new life into an art form that hasn’t undergone much innovation in recent years.

For example, with AR, musicians could bring new music videos directly into customers’ homes. They could even design interactive music videos that allow users to participate in the action. This is yet another simple way AR may boost engagement with popular music.

Connecting with Others

Like music videos, live performances can transform a customer’s surroundings thanks to AR.

This allows users to engage in experiences like concerts or music festivals without actually having to attend. This is particularly important when marketing to Millennials. Surveysindicatethey prefer to spend money on experiences instead of objects.

While they may be more inclined to stream music through Spotify than buy an album, there’s a good chance they’d be willing to pay an “entrance fee” for an AR concert. Because AR allows more people to “attend” a live performance than ever before, these events could also be useful in larger social media campaigns. Those who can’t attend in person could still share posts about the virtual experience on social media platforms.

Improving Music Education

Major brands havebegun to appreciatehow AR can offer flexible job training. With this technology, it’s possible to learn new skills from a virtual instructor without leaving the home.

Thus, music companies might enlist some of their top stars to offer AR lessons to customers. Learning to play the piano through an app is already a unique and exciting experience. Learning to play the piano with the help of a major pop star (or, at least, their virtual rendering) is even more thrilling.

As with any innovation, we’ll have to wait and see exactly how AR transforms the music industry. These four examples are just some of the potential ways it may improve the listening experience. Music companies who want to take advantage of these benefits should start early by partnering with firms who understand how to leverage this technology to its full potential.

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