Talib Kweli Pens Essay On Hip-Hop, Social Engagement, and African American Influence In America

by Raheem Karim
talib kweli

With the recent police brutality incidents, and tragic killing of nine innocent people in Charleston, Talib Kweli has penned a new essay for Mic, about present day hip-hop, racial justice and the groups working to build a better, safer future for us all. Also he is urging artist to be more politically involved in social issues.

He sheds light on the avenues for making real progress in the essay, including both the Advancement Project and Dream Defenders, which Kweli himself avidly supports. But great strides can still be made in hip-hop, the MC asserts; the Mic essay calls out the youngest generation of rap stars (and Young Thug specifically) they profit from but not recognizing the social origins and strides the genre has made and perpetuating negative stereotypes of black men. Also not being politically involved to create change in minority communities.

Kweli’s notes that the microphone is a powerful tool, and hip-hop a great opportunity to leaders, role models and engaged with social issues in American society. Read the full article at MIC

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