Stephen Colbert Takes Stand Against Police Violence: “Black People Aren’t Imagining This Stuff”

by Raheem Karim

The outspoken CBS Late Night Show host Stephen Colbert took special time out to address racial discrimination, police violence and the disproportionate struggles black Americans face when dealing with the American justice system. Colbert has been a staunch supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement stated, “These days there are a lot of people out there talking about the use of excessive force by the police, and without courting any controversy I want to say that police have a very hard job putting their lives on the line. And the vast majority are good people.”

“On the other hand, black people aren’t imagining this stuff.”

Colbert showed comic relief like footage of a Washington D.C. officer de-escalating a situation via a dance-off. “This,” Colbert said, “is a great example for all law enforcement. Before resorting to violence first, just try to twerk things out.” that centered around the question how to reduce the possibility of police abuse while still upholding order and safety.

He also poked fun at California police force’s recent use of nunchucks, with a segment about amateurs with nunchucks.

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