On The Rise: Earth Shaking Lyricist Combining Hip Hop & Soul – Solan Rai

by Raheem Karim

Dominating the spectrum between Soul and Hip-Hop, Solan Rai is a captivating lyricist with a profound feminine energy. This Atlanta-based artist is a creative powerhouse building an unstoppable movement – a movement she refers to as the Earthshakers Movement. With three self-released albums and a new project on the horizon, Solan Rai is certainly one to watch in 2015.

Synopsis of Work: On the eve of Independence Day in 2007, Solan Rai made her debut with the release of Liberated Sol. Delving deeply into the concept of love, Rai uniquely blended elements of reggae and house to produce a funky mix of progressive sound that illuminated the mundane. This album blazed a trail through the music industry with a powerful feminine energy rarely found on this side of the universe. Her counter-cultural lyrics challenged the status quo and cut a unique pattern from the fabric of soul pioneers from days past. Whether grappling with the risks of romance in Somebody or challenging surface perceptions in Slowly, Rai religiously brought truth to the forefront in a way that was soft and unassuming.

About the Artist: Growing up the eldest daughter of a bassist trapped in the funk revolution, Solan Rai has been immersed in music since birth. Absorbing the vibration of her father’s bass guitar brought harmony to her volatile home life, and in those moments, she learned the liberating power of music and devoted her life to pursuing it. She began her performing career in her hometown of Nashville, TN. After a brief run on the Music City scene, her pursuit of liberation led her to Atlanta, where she arrived haphazardly with the smell of burnt rubber still in her clothes. Atlanta welcomed Rai with a plethora of challenges and opportunities. Trying to find her niche, she frequented coffee houses and open mic cafes, sharing her essence through poetic lyric. Never neglecting her affinity for song, she soon found herself in studios tracking background vocals and arranging spots for radio and television advertisements. However, it wasn’t until she completed a life-altering journey for divine knowledge that she found her voice. This experience married a painful past with a renewed sense of consciousness; and with fire on her tongue, she began channeling her emotions in the creative process of songwriting. Pulling from her childhood memories of her father’s band practices, she also began producing music to embrace the emotion in the lyrics she was writing. After years of exposure to the force of music, she eventually found herself swept away in its current. Continuing to chase her passion for creativity, Solan Rai soon found herself branching out to other sectors of the entertainment industry. She founded The Clearview Dance Project; a nonprofit organization touching the lives of disenfranchised youth through the art of dance. She also launched Sol Rai Consulting; a management and marketing consulting firm catering to the indie music market. Adding to those ventures, she successfully hosted her own talk show, Sol Rai Cafe where she spotlighted upcoming artists and provided a platform to share indie music. At her core, Solan Rai is an artist. She has a deep-seated passion for all things creative, and she is committed to sharing her music with integrity and respect for the creative process.

Connect With Solan Rai:
Website: www.solanrai.com
Instagram: @solanrai

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