On The Rise: Sidibe Shares Sultry New Single “Prove My Love”

by Raheem Karim


Sidibe Questions Herself On The New Single “Prove My Love”

Los Angeles soul singer Sidibe shares another mind blowing and sultry new single Prove My Loveproduced by Nico Stadi.  She expresses her deepest feelings over a smooth melodic sounds.  The sexy songstress mulls over feelings if she is still love or does she not want anything to do with her partner.

I want you, I want you, I want you
But I can’t stand you
I need you, I need you, I need you
But I don’t believe you
What is the madness
This madness they call love .

Sidibe is simply stating I have done everything I could do to prove my love you but it is not enough,

What do I have to prove
What mountain must I move
Must I swim the ocean blue
Don’t wanna be without you
What do I have to prove
Let me be the one you choose
Must I tear the sky in two
Just to prove my love to you .

Mulling it over, I guess you you think you have the time
Better be hoping that I don’t go and change my mind
Been to the bottom and I won’t go back there again
We all have a limit and you pushed mine as far as you can

This Los Angeles song bird is very talented as she showcases her vocals on a live unplugged and acoustic performance of this This Woman’s Love .  The set is back by Leo Goh on the guitar. When I heard this I was amazed.

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Music Life Social is always looking artist on the rise and Sidibe fits the category. I cannot wait to her more from her. For now check out her new sexy single “Prove My Love” below. If you like good music please support her by making a purchase at Itunes.

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