On The Rise: ill-iteracy – “Kingdom”

by Raheem Karim

These creative hip hop geniuses hail from Oakland, Sacramento, and Brooklyn. iLL-Literacy is a band that explores new concepts of music and performance by reframing social engagement through art. Their goal is to create an experience for the listener and take them on a outer body journey.

The result over the last five years of touring and teaching has been iLL-Literacy’s campaign to unleash Imagination. We make music, perform and collaborate with students and faculty across the country to build a culture of innovation.

Our sound is funk, our show is fantasy, our method is Freiren.

Through music and performance, we build the conditions necessary for imagination to flourish in the classroom. Through workshops and lectures, we collaborate with student organizers and leaders to use the power of Imagination for social change and more.

iLL-Literacy’s music and performances have taken us all the way from the Bay Area to London’s Picadilly, while our workshops and lectures have earned us residencies from Ithaca College to the American University in Paris.

Check out their website www.ill-it.com

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