Rapper One 11 decides to take action on a life of creative arts

by Raheem Karim
One 11

With controversy controlling the world as we speak ; One 11 has a platform for creative minds to dissect all possibilities. As Hip Hop seemingly increases to decrease in creativity One 11 has vowed to bring back conscious music from the ground up. The 23 year old Michael Brooks (Stage Name : One 11) also claims that wizardry is real and the last few months of his life has been surreal for many reasons (Nothing of the Physical Realm).

At 18 , One 11 left his birth place of Brooklyn , New York to attend college in the small city of Randolph Vermont which diversity would play a key role in his understanding of surroundings. It was there he would dabble with various drugs , experiences and life changing situations. After 1 year of mediocre grades he dropped out and returned to NYC where his family had now moved to Hollis, Queens. Upon trying to give school another shot , he would soon realize that school wasn’t for everyone and would ultimately decide take action on a life of creative arts.

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