Preview: New Ferguson Documentary Seeks to Expose Truth Behind Michael Brown’s Death

by Raheem Karim

The unarmed shooting death of Michael Brown caused a ripple affect in black communities across the nation. The investigation was a travesty and mishandled. So once again a white police officer is off the hook.

Jason Pollock, director of a forthcoming documentary that aims to expose the truth behind Brown’s murder. “There was a huge cover-up and we don’t know about it. … It’s time to make a change about that.”

“Ferguson Cover-Up: A Documentary” will explore facts that remain largely unknown to the public surrounding Brown’s death. In order for the film to be made, however, Pollock needs our help.

An Indiegogo campaign has been created to raise the $50,000 in funds required to produce the documentary and retroactively bring justice to Brown. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to his family, his legal defense fund and other members of the Ferguson community.

“We wanted to use crown-funding to get this project done so that the people have a say in how this will come out instead of corporations or big pocket donors,” reads the Indiegogo site. “We have found that many times when you take money from these groups to make your work, they dilute your message and change what you are trying to say.”

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