Positive Art Movement

by Raheem Karim

We are an organization of amazing artists focused intently on the big picture.

We are media professionals, educators, music industry professionals, event planners and media designers with the desire to create a platform for a diverse mix of positive artists who would like to extend their talent to uplift the community, demonstrate the value in positive performing arts, and developing compelling, socially-responsible performances. Our proven model has been tested over several years of collective experience. My business partner, Angela “AC” Carswell and I are continually approached with industry related opportunities because industry professionals realize we develop and showcase professional artists with a unique point of view.

We are a well-connected and respected resource with many member benefits (to include a complimentary consultation for all new members). We also produce a family of radio, theatre, and television program concepts. We leverage strong, ongoing industry specific relationships. These relationships will help you establish and grow your career. We’re here to help you succeed.

Web: www.postiveartsmovement.com

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