‘Please come get me!’: Indianapolis Black Man Fatally Shot by Police Reportedly Live Streamed Chase on Facebook

by Raheem Karim
Please Come Get Me Indianapolis Black Man Shot

Please Come Get Me Indianapolis Black Man Shot

Four thousand people reportedly tuned into the Facebook Live and witness fatal shooting of Indianapolis black man

According to The Washington Post reports An Indianapolis black man involved in a high-speed chase and footrace was fatally shot by Indianapolis police. Apparently the encountered was live-streaming on Facebook Live when an officer fatally shot him Wednesday evening. The family of the victim has identified him as 21-year-old Sean Reed.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said around 6pm on Wednesday when Indianapolis Police Chief Randal Taylor and Deputy Chief Kendale Adams first noticed a gray Toyota Corolla being driven recklessly and attempted to pull him over. The driver failed to pullover and the pursuit continued.

During the pursuit Sean Reed reportedly begged for help. “Somebody come get my stupid ass,” he said. “Please come get me! Please come get me! Please come get me! as 4,000 people tuned in.

He reportedly begged for help. “Somebody come get my stupid ass,” he said. “Please come get me! Please come get me! Please come get me!

After the driver exited his car, you can hear a foot chase and a voice can be heard yelling at the man, “Stop! Stop!”

“F— you,” the driver replied.

A police officer chased him on foot for a short distance, resulting in an exchange of gunfire around 6:15 p.m., authorities said. At least 13 or 14 shots are heard on the video. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.


The Facebook Live video that allegedly showed the shooting doesn’t include the driver firing first at police which Chris Bailey, an assistant chief of police shared with reporters at the scene. Additionally, Bailey said the officer and the driver were the only individuals at the scene and that a gun was found near the driver.

Initial evidence indicated that the officer confronted the man and deployed his Taser, according to the incident report. They were the only two people at the scene at the time, police said.

The Indianapolis Star reported several community activists and neighborhood organizers expressed outrage at what the the video showed. More than 100 people soon gathered at the scene after the shooting, with many chanting, “No justice, no peace.”

Police said that the shooting is being investigated by the department and that a separate, independent internal investigation will be conducted to ensure that the officer followed departmental policy.

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