PESO GUAP Emerges with New Material!! “CALL ME”

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PESO GUAP -Secures his lane with Musical Versatility

Creating music for years now, after being noticed by many not only his peers but also platforms abroad. The time to basically “dive in deep” is here for Peso Guap. With connections in Mobil, AL  and also Atlanta, GA he has a southern urban vibe that we all can feel.

Dropping his “NEW” visual on YOUTUBE for “CALL ME”.  This consistency  shows his dedication to his craft.  On all platforms NOW!!  His project “SEX LAUNGAGE”  with songs like “Talk to Me” and “It’ll Never Grow Old” shows his soulful vibe and quality of creativity.  Being versatile with his singing / Spitting style, he’s able to go to many spectrums.

Furthermore this work ethic complements the chemistry in the studio. While working on recording material daily, Peso Guap will be performing throughout the city.  Nightclubs  like “Atlantis Restaurant” collaborating with his management “Signature Stylez Ent” and “Bacardo Blaze Presents”,  along with other venues throughout Atlanta. Check out his music and videos and support another FIRE ARTIST!

Follow on IG: @peso_el_guapo



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