On The Rise: Flame Thrower Beats – Beat Smith For The New Generation

by Raheem Karim
flamethrower beats

Flame Thrower Beats is the first producer will have featured in our On The Rise section. I have to say this beat smith is well rounded and versatile with his compositions. Flame Thrower is a producer, composer, and engineer all rolled in one. He has something for all genres of music. Flame Thrower offers up some jazzy tunes, futuristic sounds, Reggaeton, and of course something for the hip hop heads. If you are singer or hip hop head it is definitely worth your while to give him a listen.

Drew Flamethrower is a Houston, TX product. Growing up, he was involved in numerous extracurricular activities. Drew sang in his school and church choir while learning how to play the basics with a piano and the trumpet. These pastimes would mold his love for performing and also his ear for good music.
While in college, Flamethrower began experimenting with recording songs and composing music on his macbook laptop. The better he became, the more time he spent at his craft, learning the tools of the trade and perfecting the sound.

Flamethrower’s goals are to make great music and to not be categorized in any specific genre. He makes many different types of songs with topics ranging from relationships, politics, good times and even the not so good ones. So never expect the same ol’ same ol’, just hot fire! Today, Drew lives in Houston and is a full-time producer and recording engineer.

I put together my personal favorite playlist. Check it out below.

Connect with Flame Thrower:

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/flamethrowerbeats
Facebook: FlameThrowerBeats

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