On The Rise: Ayvio Is The Latest Exciting Act Out of Oklahoma’s Thriving Music Scene

by Raheem Karim

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Versatile Artist Ayvio Is Brewing With Talent Predestine For Success

Oklahoma is quickly becoming a state hard to ignore oozing with talent, Ayvio (pronounced Ay vee oh) is the latest artist to make noise. There are quite a few artists buzzing with potential coming out of this state that their success seems predestined. Ayvio was born and raised in Newport News, VA, currently residing in Lawton, Oklahoma after being stationed there by the U.S. Army.

The versatile artist took advantage the opportunity travel around the country to showcase his skills. He first started stand-up comedy at local churches and honing his skills recording background vocals for other artist. This eventually led to the formation of the group Alpha Team releasing one mixtape in 2012 and an EP in 2014.

AYVIO released his debut album “To Her, With Love”, was released July 9th, 2019. A concept album, Ayvio describes “To Her, With Love” as a love letter to his wife Stephanie of 13 years. He states, “from start to finish, me writing a letter to her.” From the stages of their first meeting each other through the ups and downs of their relationship as husband and wife, each song on the album tells the listener their story as he takes them on this musical journey.”


One of my favorite tracks is “No One Will”, he talks about how he might not be the best looking or most talented but no one will out work him loving his significant other more than him.

I never been the best looking guy / a pretty boy I never been / hard work for me thats work hard work it won’t be the prettiest picture that you ever see / I played second more that twice / finished third more than I liked / I took a L up top or two / But I promised no one will beat me at loving you.

He worked with another Oklahoma native super producer Fyu-chur on the album and they put together a phenomenal debut.

Already Ayvio’s accomplished some major milestones in his carerr resulting him being awarded The Hall of Fame Champion 2X consecutively on Villa Koola Radio’s Dallas Vibes Countdown for his videos “Are We Done, Love?” and “Back to Loving”, two of the songs off his “To Her, With Love” album. The “Are We Done, Love?” music video was also named The Top Rated music video on the Unsigned Artist Spotlight by Ruby Street Productions located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He is currently working on new music at Fyu-chur Recording Studio. His newly released single titled, “Sorry Never Came” produced by

As the new decade has started, it’s time to sing the praises of the next crop of future stars. Ayvio could be the one who got next
Check out his debut album “To Her, With Love” on Spotify

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