Northern Lit Danish Rapper Al Jacobi Bringing Ice Cold Flows

by Raheem Karim
Al Jacobi

Al Jacobi

Al Jacobi Is Expanding Hip Hop From The Northern Shores Of Denmark

Meet the Northern lit rapper Al Jacobi bringing the Nordic flow across international waters. The Danish Hip Hop scene has been on the rise for the last 6 years and North American listeners have taken noticed. Rappers Noah Carter, Jamaika, Suspekt are some of the well known acts that have successfully crossed over.

Newbie Denmark rapper Al Jacobi is the next in line to shine for the new decade. The rapper/producer brings a unique style with his nordic


Currently his just released R U UP? which is the second song in a series of five, each of which occupy the theme of love. The topics range from topics one night stands, booty calls, sexual liberation, love for the independent woman, and make up to break ups. After listening to the record it became quite clear Jacobi is very powerful and personal lyricist which shine thanks to his strong writing skills. R U UP? is a high energy banger song everyone can relate to, about a late night club outing looking for love. The video was directed by Andreas Landgaard, features Anna Sørrig and Nikolaj Anthon Berg and is sponsored by Streetammo.

iLove is another record where he expresses his vulnerabilities. Jacobi wants to know if the love is real and doesn’t want to feel the pain of a broken heart. After putting time and energy in a relationship he wants to make sure it’s not all for nothing. The video is directed and filmed by Yoandry Gonzalez.

Jacobi has surrounded himself with a great team evident by the creative and artistic videos. Its all a matter of time before he is featured on the main stages in the States. I am sure he will be appearing at major festival soon. Don’t sleep on Denmark Al Jacobi is putting hip hop on notice that our Danish friends has flow also. To keep updated on new Al Jacobi’s new music follow him the Gram.

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