New Edition Biopic Coming In 2016

by Rafeal Crawford

New Edition fans don’t have to wait any longer to see the R&B group story come to life. The N.E. crew announced that they will be producing their biopic and partnering with BET to bring it to the small screen.

The biopic will be a three-part mini series that will debut in 2016. “We are ready to retrace our footsteps and show everyone how we got here. For the fans all over the world, this one’s for you,” the band said in a statement.

The mini series will be told through their eyes and will be written by Abdul Williams who also wrote Lottery Ticket and also be co produced by Brooke Payne the groups manager and friend.

New Edition are best known for  classic hits such as Man“Candy Girl,” “Cool It Now,” “Mr. Telephone Man” and “All For Love,” among others.

This will be BET’s first scripted music-focused television movie.


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