Music Life Social’s On The Rise: Vain DaVinchi

by Rafeal Crawford
Vain DaVinchi

Vain DaVinchi was born in the small town of Rocky Mount, NC. The self made and hard working independent artist was forced to move to the city of Charlotte at a young age after a flood destroyed his childhood home. Spending his years growing up watching his older brother write and produce music inspired the teenager to begin writing his own music. Along with other influences such as Nas, Big Twinz, and other Hip Hop heavyweights, Vain continued to develop his style throughout high school and expanded to producing and mixing his own tracks. After dropping out at 16, DaVinchi went head first into the street life. Says Vain: “I was sleeping anywhere hotels, cars, wherever I could be trying to get this money up and just spitting whenever on whoever trying to come up and survive.” Getting focused Vain dropped his first mixtape “Nothing to Personal” and began building his buzz. While enjoying some success from the project, the momentum was derailed when Vain went to prison for two years. After his release and committing himself back to his grind, DaVinchi started to lay the groundwork for his mixtape “Grind 1st Eat Later…” as well as the launch of his company TK5 ENT. Things looked promising for the artist, but was almost cut short by the devastating news of finding out his grandmother had cancer. Says Vain: “It was tough man. We were real close. But she always told us stay focus and keep making moves. So I couldn’t miss a beat. I had to go even harder than before.” Welcoming the birth of his son and recording new music and continuing to blaze the Charlotte scene working with various artists and producers kept the workload heavy including several performances around the city. Vision starting to take shape, saw the artist continuing to increase his presence to the world leading to an association with Infamous Mobb/Mobb Deep legend Big Twinz. “He started seeing the music I was making and shows I was doing and was rocking with it. He was giving me the game and we started knocking out records in a major way we came with new joint “Any Moment.” Also dropping the new single “Never Bout Us” has been met with positive reviews. Says Vain: “People start going crazy like damn this dude can spit and he actually saying something. But I can go in any lane. This is just one. But I’m always going to hit you with realness. I’m just starting to heat up even hotter.” Truer words never spoken. The Franchise has arrived….

1. Birds


3.Any Moment ft. Big Twinz

Check for the new singles “Any Moment” feat. Big Twinz and “Different” dropping soon on iTunes and Google Play

IG: vain_davinchi

TWITTER: @vain_davinchi

SOUNDCLOUD: vain davinchi

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