Marvin Gaye’s Lost Album You’re The Man To Be Released In March

by Rafeal Crawford
Marvin Gaye's Lost Album You're The Man To Be Released In March

Marvin Gaye's Lost Album You're The Man To Be Release In March

Marvin Gaye’s lost album comes to light

The late legendary singer Marvin Gaye music and spirit still lives as we approach what would have been his 80th birthday. The Motown artist has a lost album that was supposedly to be released after his classic What’s Going On album that was released in 1971.


Marvin Gaye’s album You’re the Man is scheduled for a March 29th release date several days before his 80th birthday. The album was believed to be recorded in 1972, although certain songs have been released individually this will mark the first time all recordings will appear on one album. Producer Salaam Remi lend his talents to You’re the Man album by providing additional mixes for “Symphony” and ‘I’d Give My Life for You.”

Here is the tracklist for You’re the Man

Side 1
1. “You’re The Man”
2. “The World Is Rated X”
3. “Piece of Clay”
4. “Where Are We Going?”

Side 2
1. “I’m Gonna Give You Respect”
2. “Try It, You’ll Like It”
3. “You Are That Special One”
4. “We Can Make It Baby”

Side 3
1. “My Last Chance” (Salaam Remi mix)
2. “Symphony” (Salaam Remi mix)
3. “I’d Give My Life For You” (Salaam Remi mix)
4. “Woman of the World”
5. “Christmas In the City” (instrumental)

Side 4
1. “You’re The Man” (version 2″
2. “I Want to Come Home For Christmas”
3. “I’m Going Home (Move)”
4. “Checking Out (Double Clutch)”

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