On The Rise: Latasha Lee Bringing That Southern Soul

by Raheem Karim
latasha lee

Texas bred singer Latasha Lee is bringing that southern soul and funk that has been missing from R&B. When I first played her music it reminded me of Etta James and Otis Redding pulling on your heart strings. You can feel Latasha’s music in the depths of your soul. Come to find out Etta James and Otis Redding are some of her influences.

Ms. Lee is a throwback singer that has masterfully blended the Motown sound with her generation of music.

The Corpus Christi born songstress has said she wants her music to reflect her vision of life. Latasha Lee started building her fan base In 2012, she made it to the top 50 spot on the top-rated television show X-Factor.

In 2013, Latasha released her self-titled album on the Carnival Beats Soul imprint along with 17 compelling music videos on YouTube. Latasha Lee & The BlackTies performed live for the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Additionally, Latasha Lee & The BlackTies have performed throughout the US, drawing large crowds and leaving them wanting more. There is even a healthy buzz growing internationally in places like Holland, New Zealand, and the UK.

Ms. Lee is making noise and currently ranked #1 on the Reverbnation RnB Charts. Her new album I Wanna Groove, is soulful, funky and heartfelt.

The track Left Hand Side is one of my favorites. Check out the album below and be sure to make a purchase at iTunes.

For more info about Miss. Lee visit www.latashalee.com.

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