Jim Jones And Jay Z Finally End 13 Year Beef

by Raheem Karim
Jim Jones

Anything is possible. Jim Jones and Jay Z finally put a end to a 13 year beef. Not only did they squash the beef but Jim Jones Jim’s signed with Jay’s Roc Nation empire.

TMZ reported “We Fly High” rapper said he signed Tuesday with Jay Z and his lieutenants, OG and Ty Ty, to manage all facets of Jim’s brand … music, fashion, acting and more.

The riff begin back in 2004 when Jim Jones sided with fellow rapper/friend Cam’ron over Jay in the 2004 break up of Roc-A-Fella Records. They have been going at each others throat since, making diss songs about each other over the years.

This is not the first beef Jay Z has been involved in and ended on the positive note, remember the Nas feud.

This is important for young African Americans to see that we can put our differences aside and work together. Think about a lot of this beef is petty and it is crab in barrel mentality pulling each other down.

In the times we live in right now we need to uplift each other. For more info on the story visit TMZ

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