by General Millz

NOW !!!! IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! NEW “J COLE” with his latest addition “2014 Forest Hills Drive”.  We talk about lyrics , now its time to see if people will really support the movement. Some others have been able to benefit in many ways by getting that exposure with certain songs. We have some like J COLE that have to be recognized  high rank right now.  This is from all the dance songs and the party movement to the lyrical movement.  This shift in the game is constantly forcing cats to step up they lyrical skills.  J COLE has came once again witty and flowing fluid with the track, to the story telling style that we may be more familiar with.

As you know we here at MUSIC LIFE SOCIAL we don’t review wack albums or MixTapes so this is a good look for the streets and the hip-hop game .  Without further delay………              


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