by General Millz

As we here at MUSIC LIFE SOCIAL acknowledges TODAY as MARTIN LUTHER KING’s Birthday, we know

the rest of the world will do the same on Monday January 19th 2015. This year “2014” has been a wild ride, with the

verdict of MIKE BROWN and other cases that went wrong in so many different ways. We have to reflect back and

think about the injustice that we have overcame. Its a ongoing thing but MARTIN LUTHER KING has made a life

long commitment to the cause, which allows us to be able to march for injustice now. We protest the safe way

compared to what MARTIN had to go through. We SALUTE Martin for this and all he has done. Still to this day

when i drive through Stone Mountain I always think that when i was in grade school this is the mountain that he was

talking about. A want to see little black and white boys and girls being abel to live amungst each other. Waking up

today as we know, we all don’t see eye to eye all the time but THE DREAM IS REAL. We want to Thank DR.

MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. f0r his life long contribution of sacrifice that started a revolution in our hearts and

minds, that allows us to be free till this day. With SELMA in theaters this is the perfect time to SALUTE the


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