Hannibal Buress Launches Inaugural Isola Fest In An 800-Population Isola, MS

by Raheem Karim
Hannibal Buress Isola Fest
Hannibal Buress Isola Fest

Source: www.hannibalburess.com/bio

Hannibal Buress Launches A Comedy & Music Festival Isola Fest In 800 Population Town

It may sound like a joke but it is not. Comedian Hannibal Buress is doing launching a comedy and music festival in Isola, Mississippi. This a town most people have not heard of with a population of 800. Ironically the town is named after the word isolation.

The inaugural Isola Fest will take place December 13 to December 15. The lineup for the event includes T-Pain, Flying Lotus, Asa Monet, Serengeti, Open Mike Eagle, Eryn Allen Kane and others.


It is a head scratcher why Buress is having the festival in Isola, MS, but he explains why and it makes sense.

“I know this sounds like some Fyre Festival part 2 type situation but we have things pretty much in order,” Buress said in a press release. “Our sandwiches are just as equally trash as theirs though. Some things you just can’t control. This is the town my mother’s side of the family is from. My cousin owns a venue called Playaz Palace so I’m getting a deal on these nights. The lineup is gonna be great.”

I think it is great for the city and he was able to get great talent come and perform. The festival will cost $30 for a one day pass, $75 for a 3 day pass, and $100 for a 3 day VIP package. More information and tickets can be purchased here.

Check out the 3 day Isola Fest below.